Kite Mark Accreditation


Kite Mark Accreditation



                       With the approval of the PGB, BBPA developed a Kite Mark for companies covered by the Code for under 500 leased and

tenanted pubs and tenanted and leased pubs in Scotland. It was circulated to the Board at the last meeting and to all companies

covered by the Code.   It was agreed that before the Kite Mark was added to the website of the PGB, or organisations represented on the Board,

that the Kite Mark would be accredited by the Intellectual Property Office. BBPA agreed to undertake this work.



Rules for Use

As part of the accreditation process, short rules were established for the use of the Kite Mark.


These are proposed as follows:

1. Permission for the use of the PGB certification must be sought in writing from the PGB at British Institute of Innkeeping, Sentinel House, Ancells Business Park, Harvest Crescent, Fleet GU51 2UZ

      2. Permission to use the Kite Mark will be permitted based on the following criteria:

     3. The PGB reserves the right to refuse the use of the certification mark if companies no longer meet the criteria set out above.

   4. Permission to use the PGB certification is limited to the promotional materials aimed at existing and new tenants and lessees and for general marketing purposes of the pub operating company.