The Group

Responsible for delivering minimum standards of practice to the licensed retail sector which govern landlords and their relationships with their tied lessees.

Comprising the Pub Governing Body, the Pubs Independent Rent Review Scheme and the Pubs Independent Conciliation & Arbitration Service.


The Pub Governing Body Ltd group is made up of three separate and distinctive bodies


Overall governance body, responsible for establishing minimum standards of practice and case protocols for PIRRS and PICAS

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Pubs Independent Conciliation & Arbitration Service; a dispute resolution service for tied tenants/lessees

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Pubs Independent Rent Review Scheme; a rent dispute resolution procedure for tenants/lessees

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The Pub Governing Body is the organisation responsible for promoting the advancement and improvement of Landlord (Pub Owning Companies) and tied tenant relationships in the licensed retail sector. It covers signatory companies that own between 1 – 499 tied pubs in England and Wales and the signatory companies in Scotland. The PGB achieves this through the publication of Codes of Practice which, set the minimum standard for landlords and enhances their business relationship with tenants and lessees subject to a contractual purchasing obligation.  

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The Pubs Independent Conciliation and Arbitration Service (PICA-Service) offers an accessible, independent, low cost dispute resolution service, to the licensed industry. PICA-Service is available to tenants/lessees of companies that are signatories to the England & Wales Tenanted & Leased Code of Practice (1-499 pubs) and the Scotland Code of Practice. 

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The Pubs Independent Rent Review Scheme (PIRRS) offers an accessible, independent, low cost rent review resolution service for pub tenants and lessees whose companies are signatories to the England & Wales Tenanted & Leased Code of Practice (1-499 pubs) and the Scotland Code of Practice.

This low-cost resolution service is also available to tenants or lessees of pubs belonging to companies governed by The Pubs Code 2016 who wish to remain tied and negotiate the tied rent. 


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