Report of the meeting held Wednesday, 21st October 2020 – Scotland

Minutes of a meeting of the board of directors of the Company held on Zoom, Wednesday 21st October at 11am


Present:                                                                                                               Apologies:

Mike Clist – (MC)                                                                                                      Paul Wishart (PWis)

Willi McLeod (WM)                                                                                                  Brian Davidson (BD)

Paul Waterson (PW)

Paul Togneri (PT)

Jo Graham (JG)

Andy Tighe – (AT)

Fiona Moran – (FM)



MC welcomed everybody to the meeting and outlined the reason for the meeting due to the meeting not going ahead back in May due to COVID. MC also welcomed FM to the meeting as the PGB Scotland Administrator.


  1. Minutes of the last meeting 27th November 2019

MC proceeded with the meeting by requesting that the minutes of the meeting held on 27th November 2019 be proposed as a true and accurate record of the discussions that took place. The Board approved the minutes.


  1. Appoint a Chair

MC clarified that attempts by both MC and PT have been made to contact Neil Sinclair. MC suggested that a Chair to be chosen from the board members and for that person to be rotated on a yearly basis.   The board agreed this was a sensible approach.

Jo Graham joined the meeting later in the agenda and she agreed to take on the role of Chair for the first year. The Board thanked her.


  1. PICA-Service update of cases
  • MC advised the Board that there had been no new potential PICA-Service case and informed the board that calls received advice was given and settled. The over 500 pub companies go to PCA.


4. PIRRS case update

  • FM gave an overview of the PIRRS process.
  • AT asked if once the case had been determined can it be made public, a discussion was held. MC discussed that the Surveyors are listed on both the PIRRS and BII websites.


 5. 1st Annual Audit Report  

  • MC gave an overview of 1st Annual Audit report.
  • WM asked what the acronym PEAT stood for, MC confirmed this was Pre-Entry Awareness Training, FM to amend the report to include the full training name and the appointment of the new Chair.
  • MC asked if there were any additional press contact that they should contact for the circulation of the report. WM to forward list to FM.
  • The Board also agreed that the press release should include England and Wales.


  • WM to forward to FM a list of Trade Press Contacts


6.Financial Status


  • MC ran through the accounts, and clarified that it would be more beneficial to keep the E&W and Scottish accounts together, otherwise due to the low number of Scottish pubs they would end up paying a higher fee, which is currently £18 per pub. MC confirmed that the E&W Board were happy with this and the Board approved the accounts.


7. Trademark

  • The Trademark has been circulated by AT to the E&W Board, MC would like it to be circulated to the Scottish Board. MC would now like to encourage participating companies to the code to start using it. There are a number of companies in Scotland that are not signatories to the code and would be a good idea to approach them.
  • Some companies are using the trademark on their web-site and code of practice.



  • FM to circulate the trademark to the Board


 8. AOB 

  • MC commented that the BII are investing in a new CRM and Website, which can host additional websites and therefore would be an idea to change the PGB, PIRRS and PICAS websites and incorporate a Scottish section, the current sites are clunky and hard to navigate around.
  • There will also be other team members at the BII that will be able to edit and update it.

9. Date and Time of Next Meeting:

  • FM to send out Doodle Poll for late January 2021/ February 2021


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