Report of the Meeting held Tuesday, 21st February 2023 E&W


Minutes of a meeting of the board of directors of the Company held on Zoom, Tuesday, 21st February 2023 at 11am

Present:                                                                       Apologies:

James Anderson – Chair (JA)                                     Bill Sharpe – (BS)             

Mike Clist – (MC)                                                        Emma McClarkin – (EM)

Kate Nicholls – (KN)                                                      Nick Griffin – (NG)

Andy Tighe – (AT)                                                          George Barnes – (GB)

Martin Caffrey – (MCa)                                                 Jayson Perfect – (JP)

Fiona Moran – (FM)


  1. Preliminary

The Chair noted that the meeting had been duly convened, that a quorum of five directors were present in accordance with the Articles of Association and declared the meeting open.


  1. Minutes of the last meeting 18th October 2022

JA proceeded with the meeting by requesting that the minutes of the meeting held on 18th October 2022 to be proposed as a true and accurate record of the discussions that took place.


  1. PICA-Service Update of Cases
  •  FM informed the board that there were no PICA-S cases for England and Wales.
  1. PIRRS case update
  • FM gave an update on the open PIRRS Cases:
  • There is one open PIRRS case, waiting on IE clarification, one case is on hold whilst an unrelated matter is resolved.
  • Two cases have closed since the last meeting, one Determined through PIRRS and one out of PIRRS.

Independent Expert Update

  • FM informed the board that Graeme Bunn has left the panel, and Howard Day will be leaving to go on a sabbatical from the end of March.
  • FM has approached Daniel Mackernan for any suitable PIRRS panel members that can be nominated.

 5. AOB

 Nothing noted.

  1. Date and Time of Next Meeting


  • It was agreed that the next meeting will be held on Teams in May 2023


  • FM to send dates out for May 2023.

Meeting Closed.

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