Report of the Meeting Held Monday, 24th January 2022 – Scotland

The Pub Governing Body Board Meeting – Scotland


Minutes of a meeting of the board of directors of the Company held on Zoom, Monday, 24th January 2022.

Paul Togneri (PT) – Chair
Jo Graham (JG)
Paul Waterson (PW)
Paul Wishart (PWis)
Leon Thompson (LT)
Fiona Moran – (FM)

Mike Clist – (MC)
Andy Tighe – (AT)
Brian Davidson (BD)

1. Preliminary
The Chair noted that the meeting had been duly convened and declared the meeting open.

2. Minutes of the last meeting 15th November 2021
PT proceeded with the meeting by requesting that the minutes of the meeting held on
15th November 2021 be proposed as a true and accurate record of the discussions that took

• All action points were confirmed, and all other items listed on the agenda. JG proposed minutes
were a good record and LT seconded the approval.

3. PIRRS & PICA-Service Update

• FM gave an update and confirmed that there are currently no Scottish PIRRS cases, or enquiries.
• One case has been determined and closed through PIRRS since the last PGBS meeting, and one case
closed due to non-payment.

4. PICA-Service
• FM gave an update and confirmed that there had been one potential PICAS case. The fee has been
received but understand mediation is taking place before it becomes a full case.

5. Tied Pubs Bill Update
PT gave a brief overview on the status, and advised the Board that Part 1 of the consultation
has now concluded, which focused on MRO and the Guest Beer section of the code. The
Scottish Government will review the submissions, with the next stage of consultation set to
be released in the spring. The target of the Government is to have it finalised and voted on by
parliament by the end of December 2022, they then have until May 2023 to get it up and

6. Timeframe for PIRRS and PICAS

FM commented that AT was to approach companies applicable to the code to find out if they would
be happy to continue allowing Tied Tenancies to go to PIRRS.

PT responded on AT’s behalf and informed the Board that there has been no feedback yet, and the
companies questioned are waiting for the outcome of the Scottish Code before making any formal
decisions. It was agreed to include this point in the next meeting agenda.


• Discuss the companies’ applicable to the Code – if they are happy to continue to allow Tied
Tenancies to go to PIRRS.
• FM to include the timeframe for PIRRS and PICAs on the next agenda.

7. AOB

• No further comments noted.


8. Date and Time of Next Meeting:

It was agreed to send out Doodle Poll for the first two weeks in May.



Meeting Closed

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