Report of the meeting held, Monday, 15th November – Scotland

Minutes of a meeting of the board of directors of the Company held on Zoom, Monday, 15 November 2021, at 11am

Present:                                                                                                    Apologies:

Jo Graham (JG)                                                                                        Brian Davidson (BD)

Mike Clist – (MC)

Andy Tighe – (AT)

Paul Togneri (PT)

Paul Waterson (PW)

Paul Wishart (PWis)

Leon Thompson (LT)

Fiona Moran – (FM)


  1. Preliminary

The Chair noted that the meeting had been duly convened and declared the meeting open.

MC welcomed Leon Thompson to the meeting.


  1. Minutes of the last meeting 12 April 2021

JG proceeded with the meeting by requesting that the minutes of the meeting held on 12 April 2021 be proposed as a true and accurate record of the discussions that took place.

  • All action points were confirmed, and all other items listed on the agenda. AT proposed minutes were a good record and PWis seconded the approval.


  1. Appointment of a New Chair

JG asked the board for a volunteer to take over the position of Chair for the forthcoming year. PT volunteered and will commence as Chair from the next meeting in 2022.  PW suggested creating a rota going forward.


  • FM to produce a rota on a yearly basis for the Chair role going forward.


  1. PIRRS & PICA-Service Update


  • FM gave an update and confirmed that there is one Scottish PIRRS case, currently with the Independent Expert waiting for an outcome. There has also been one enquiry waiting for payment and the application form.
  • All PIRRS cases are logged on the same spreadsheet with the Scottish cases highlighted in Orange.


  • FM gave an update and confirmed that there were no Scottish PICAS cases.


  1. Tied Pubs Bill Update – Timeframe for PIRRS and PICAS
  • A discussion regarding PIRRS and PICA Service and the length of time it stays open for when the new code comes into place was held.
  • MC asked AT to approach the Scottish pub groups that would be subject to the new Scottish Pubs Code whether like England and Wales they would be happy to allow tied tenant rent reviews to go to PIRRS.
  • The Board agreed the way forward with PIRRS. The timeframe for PIRRS and PICA Service to be included on the agenda for the next Board Meeting.
  • MC informed the Board that the Tied Pubs bill first consultation paper was out and interested parties were asked to make submissions if they so wished.
  • AT informed the board that they are aiming for the code to be out End of 2022 and must be in effect by May 2023.


  • AT to approach companies’ applicable to the Code – if they are happy to continue to allow Tied Tenancies to go to PIRRS.
  • FM to include the timeframe for PIRRS and PICAs on the next agenda. 
  1. Annual Compliance Report Results
  • MC discussed the results of the annual audit with the board, no major concerns, couple of rent reviews outstanding due to COVID but not many.
  • The Board approved the audit.
  • MC suggested a press release to go out to the Scottish contacts.
  • AT pointed out a small typo on Annex A – signatories to the code which would be corrected.


  • FM to liaise with Molly Davis to organise a press release for the annual audit.
  • FM to amend the typo on the Annual Audit – Annex A.


  1. AOB
  • MC discussed the code for the under 500 pub companies and commented that several changes have been suggested, these were discussed at the BII Tied Trade Forum.
  • MC informed the board that the final copy should be with the PGB Scotland by January 2022.
  • MC discussed the fee when the new code comes in, and suggested it will need to be increased due to the drop in numbers of pubs. MC will send a proposal to the Board – April / May 2022.
  1. Date and Time of Next Meeting:
  • FM to send out Doodle Poll for End of January 2022


Meeting Closed

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