Report of the Meeting held Monday, 10 October 2022 Scotland


Minutes of a meeting of the board of directors of the Company held on Zoom, Monday, 10 October 2022, at 11am

Present:                                                                                                    Apologies:

Mike Clist (MC) – Acting Chair                                                              Paul Togneri (PT) – Chair

Paul Waterson (PW)                                                                               Jo Graham (JG)

Paul Wishart (PWis)                                                                               Andy Tighe – (AT)

Leon Thompson (LT)

Fiona Moran – (FM)



  1. Preliminary

The Chair noted that the meeting had been duly convened and declared the meeting open.


  1. Minutes of the last meeting Monday, 16th May 2022

MC proceeded with the meeting by requesting that the minutes of the meeting held on

16th May 2022 be proposed as a true and accurate record of the discussions that took place.


  • FM confirmed all action points, and all other items listed on the agenda.


  1. PIRRS & PICA-Service Update



  • MC gave an update on a potential PICAs case and confirmed that as mediation between the Tenant and Landlord is still taking place but has not been settled, there is still a chance of a case coming forward.
  • MC informed the board that MC and FM have been checking the PICA’s panel members and noted that there was a need for a licensee on the panel. PT has now provided details of a licensee who is willing to sit on the panel.




  • FM gave an update and confirmed that there are currently no Scottish PIRRS cases, or enquiries.


  1. Tied Pubs Bill Update


  • Pwis gave an update and informed the board that they are pushing back until May next year,

there is an ongoing judicial review which could take several months.

  • MC also confirmed that we would be charging all the Scottish groups which will take them up to the end of July.



  1. 3rd Annual Audit


  • MC advised the board that all the Scottish pubs are very compliant and discussed the content of the audit with the Board.
  • MC informed the Board that Brian Davidson has been removed from the board as he has left Star Pubs and Bars. MC asked the board if they are aware of anyone that could replace him on the pub company side.
  • MC asked the board for any feedback to inform FM before it goes out to press in the next couple of weeks once the England and Wales audit has also been approved by the board.
  • MC also requested for the Press contacts to be re-circulated to the board for review.
  • MC re-iterated that when the Scottish code comes into force, we will leave 3 months grace period for any PICA’s cases.




  • PWis to have a look at a replacement for Brian Davidson
  • FM to send out Press Release with the Annual Audit
  • FM to circulate the Press contacts to the Board


  1. AOB
  • No AOB.


  1. Date and Time of Next Meeting:


  • It was agreed to send out a Doodle Poll for early February 2023



  • FM to send out Doodle Poll for February 2023.

Meeting Closed

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