Report of the Meeting held Monday, 16th October 2017

Minutes of a meeting of the board of directors of the Company held at BBPA Offices, Brewers’ Hall, Aldermanbury Square, London, EC2V 7HR on Monday, 16th October 2017 at 12:30 pm


Present:                                                                                                                               Apologies:

Sir Peter Luff (Chairman) – (SPL)                                                                                   James Anderson (JA)

Mike Clist – (MC)

Brigid Simmonds – (BS)

Kate Nicholls – (KN)

Bill Sharpe – (BS)

Nick Griffin (NG)

Martin Caffrey (MCa)

Jim Cathcart – (JC)

Chris Welham (CW)

George Barnes (GB)

Fiona Moran – (FM)





The Chairman noted that the meeting had been duly convened, that a quorum of five directors was present in accordance with the Articles of Association and declared the meeting open.


2. Minutes of the last meeting 20th February 2017

The Chair proceeded with the meeting by requesting that the minutes of the meeting held on 20th February 2017 be proposed as a true and accurate record of the discussions that took place.  The Board approved the minutes.


 3.PICA-Service update of cases

  • FM advised the Board that the database shows all enquiries received since the last PGB meeting, FM informed the board that MC resolves enquiries via the Business Support Help line that could become potential PICAS cases.
  • There is one PICAS case hearing on Thursday, 26th October 2017.
  • MC confirmed the PICAS panel for Scotland, SPL suggested including a Scottish member on the Board, MC confirmed the Chair James Anderson is on both the E&W and the Scottish Panel. SPL commented that a Press Release should be drafted to promote PIRRS and PICA Services in Scotland.
  • It was agreed that MC should inform Paul Newby that the year’ grace giving which a tenant or lessee of the big 6 companies has the opportunity to bring a case under PICAS is now up. There is one such case under consideration.


  • Press Release on the PICAS Scottish Panel – JC to draft
  • MC to liaise with Paul Newby – Post mtg minute MC has informed PN


4. PIRRS case update

    • FM gave an update on the open PIRRS Cases.
    • 10 active cases, 8 of which are with the Independent Experts, 2 are at Deed of Variation stage and should be with the chosen Independent Expert at the beginning of December.
    • There was a discussion held around MRO and PIRRS – JC clarified PIRRS for the over 500 companies can be used on tied rents on a case by case basis, if both parties mutually agree. It was agreed by the board that it should be made clear to the public.


        • JC/BS to organise a press release to make it clear how and when PIRRS could be used for tenants and lessees of the over 500 companies. KN happy to help.


    5. PGB, PIRRS & PICA-Service Website Update Proposal

      • MC informed the board that he had presented the financial year end results to BS as the agreement is with the BBPA. It was agreed that the accounts should also be presented to the Board who have responsibilities as Directors. MC confirmed that the fee had been reduced from £20 to £16 per pub for the new financial year. The PGB account a surplus of £24k which will be accrued against future planned expenditure.
      • The board agreed that the annual accounts should be circulated to all board members, MC confirmed he would bring copies to the next PGB meeting.
      • FM discussed with the board the update of both the front and back end of BII’s website by Wisetiger. The PGB sites were not updated due to the uncertainty with the pub code. After trying to update the Scottish Panel members due to an old version of word press, this proved difficult. FM discussed the quote with the board. The board approved the expenditure to update the website.


      • FM to organise the update of the websites
      • MC to bring annual accounts to next PGB Meeting


      6. Annual Audit for the under 500 companies

        • MC presented to the board the results from the annual audit for the under 500 companies. A discussion was held around BDM training, the lack of it available and the content that should be included with more focus on “building relationships”. MC commented that he had 2 companies that could possibly be willing to deliver the course (CPL and one other) MC would give the board an update in 2 weeks once confirmed. GB suggested it could be similar to the chartered surveyor’s qualification; APC might be a possible route. KN suggested putting a small working group together consisting of JC, MC, CW and KN.
        • KN suggested doing a short public report of the results, pointing out any issues with a split in E&W and Scotland. SPL suggested in circulating a copy to the Adjudicator and press – JC to draft.


        • MC to update the board in two weeks.
        • JC to draft a short summary of the annual audit and press release.


        7.Proposal to Kite Mark Companies with agreements operating within the under 500 code

          • MC held a discussion around Kite Marking the companies that are signed up to the code. It would be nice for companies to have the Kite Mark on their web-site.
          • There are a number of companies not signed up to the code and MC is receiving a number of calls through the Business Support Helpline from them.
          • CW commented that the PGB Kite Mark would be very credible.
          • SPL suggested drafting the practical and legal issues relating to Kite Marking for the next board meeting – JC to draft the document.


            • JC to draft the practical and legal issues to Kite Mark companies, to be discussed at the next PGB meeting.



              • JC held a discussion regarding updating the voluntary codes if it is required. NG commented that some companies may refer to code versions in their leases which could prove to be a problem. MC commented that any changes made to the document would have to be agreed by all companies on the list.
              • KN suggested as a board we could offer guidance on issues rather than re-write the code, KN asked if the issues were reported anywhere. MC confirmed that it is not reported well and non-members only get one call. FM and MC clarified they would look at a better way of recording it.
              • BS commented that there was a gap between the Adjudicator and PICAS it might be worth considering whether PICAS could be made available for the over 500 companies in future.


              • FM & MC to create a new reporting system / form to record all enquiries


              9.Next Meeting

                • Monday, 8th January 2018 – 12:30pm – 2.00 pm
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