Report of Meeting Held Monday, 21st January 2019

Minutes of a meeting of the board of directors of the Company held at BBPA Offices, Brewers’ Hall, Aldermanbury Square, London, EC2V 7HR on Monday, 21st January 2019 at 1:00 pm


Present:                                                                           Apologies:

Sir Peter Luff (Chairman) – (SPL)                                Nick Griffin – (NG)
Mike Clist – (MC)                                                            Martin Caffrey – (MCa)
Brigid Simmonds – (BS)
Kate Nicholls – (KN)
Bill Sharpe – (BS)
Chris Welham – (CW)
James Anderson – (JA)
George Barnes – (GB)
Fiona Moran – (FM)


1. Preliminary
The Chairman noted that the meeting had been duly convened, that a quorum of five directors were present in accordance with the Articles of Association and declared the meeting open.

2. Minutes of the last meeting 15th October 2018

The Chair proceeded with the meeting by requesting that the minutes of the meeting held on 15th October 2018 be proposed as a true and accurate record of the discussions that took place. The Chairman asked for an amendment to change correct to accurate under item 7. Board approved the minutes.

3. Matters arising from the minutes

  • • SPL asked if a new professional advisor had been sought for Phil Dixon’s replacement. MC confirmed he was currently taking all the calls and it has not been easy to find a replacement. Two main reasons for this; someone who would be happy to do it and someone with 10 years+ knowledge. MC confirmed his is still looking.• FM confirmed that the annual audit had been circulated to the press and pub companies
  •  4. PICA-Service update of cases• FM advised the Board that there had been one new potential PICA-Service case enquiry since the last PGB meeting. This case is now closed as no further contact was made from the tenant. The case will be re-opened should the tenant make contact.• KN asked if BS had approached the Big 6 companies with regards to PICAs opening up to the over 500 companies. BS said that they had discussed, but felt that the PCA should work more closely with the PGB and pay for PICA Services where it was deemed desirable and appropriate. KN commented that this could come up within the Pub Code review in March.
  • 5. PIRRS case update• FM gave an update on the open PIRRS Cases.
    • There are currently 7 active cases, 1 of which is a new case since the last PGB meeting. All cases are from the six largest companies.
    • 6 cases are currently with the Independent Experts.
    • There are four further potential cases all awaiting payments and completed application forms from the tenants. 5 cases have been determined and closed since the last meeting.
    • FM has updated the database removing cases relating to 2017.
    • CW asked for an update on the process of review of the pubs code. KN commented that process had to be announced by the end of March, KN commented that at this time they are unsure what it will contain and they will announce a call for evidence. .

    The PIRRS Panel
    • FM confirmed that that there has been one further Independent Expert that has joined the PIRRS panel brining the Panel Experts to 15.

  • 6. Subscriptions• FM confirmed that all Subscription fees have been paid.


  • 7. BDM Training• MC confirmed that Sue Allen has been working with a group of 9-10 experts, and re-iterated on the presentation that Sue Allen presented to the Board last year.
    • A discussion was held around the cost, the level of training, course content and if funding is available. MC suggested calculating the cost per training and confirmed it would be accredited course and not a qualification. SPL asked for a rough timescale, MC commented a further six months would be needed. 
  • 8. AOBPICAS Scotland• MC gave an update to the appointment of a new Chairman for PGB Scotland, a name was put forward and agreed by the Board. MC and SBPA to take forward.

    Kite Mark

    • BS confirmed that the Kite Mark and clear notes on the accreditation have been circulated to all companies apart from one to whom KN will send. The caveats for use are continued signatory to the Code and submission of the annual audit report. The PGB will reserve the right to remove the kite mark from a company if required. A conversation was held about additional members to approach.
    • MC commented that the next stage would be to include it on the PGB, UK Hospitality and BBPA websites to encourage companies to sign up.
    • GB requested a PDF copy of the logo.


    KN to forward a copy of the Kite Mark as appropriate.
    BS to send a PDF copy of the logo to GB.
    BS to forward text for FM to include on the PGB website.

  • 9. Date and Time of Next Meeting:• FM to send out Doodle Poll for 2019
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